Introducing Black Wrecellence, A Podcast About Black Wrestling

Mind Games' first podcast's debut episode available to stream now.


black wrecellence wide.jpg

Righteous Reg is a rapper based in San Jose, CA who happens to be a life-long wrestling fanatic. For years, his wrestling passion has overflowed into his other interests, including the integration of wrestling references in his lyrics, as well as letting his obsession spiral out of control to the point of developing a wrestling trivia smartphone app.

In his latest venture, proudly hosted and presented by Mind Games, Reg has jumped into the world of podcasting with Black Wrecellence, a semi-frequent discussion highlighting black wrestlers and their achievements, what makes them great, and giving them the respect and attention they deserve. In this introductory episode, we learn about our host, then jump into our exploration of black representation in wrestling starting with the careers of Booker T and 2 Cold Scorpio through the unique filter of Righteous Reg. Listen above.