Weekly Merch Roundup: NJPW USA, A Prototype Hat, WCW Toothbrushes, And More

A selection of this week's new and used items available around the internet.


Everyone's favorite pro wrestling athletic apparel brand, SPLX, has just put up preorders for their second collaboration piece with New Japan Pro Wrestling. This time, they are celebrating the launch of New Japan USA with this limited edition t-shirt. Only pre-orders are being accepted for this one, so the only way to get your hands on this shirt is to order it this week from suplexapparel.com. Included with all orders is two postcards featuring photos from our spread of Kevin Quiroz's shots from NJPW's debut USA shows in Long Beach last July.

According to the legend included in the listing for this Mr. Socko hat, it's very possible that this is the only one of these things that still exists. This obscure piece, listed for sale by eBay user alumnusrecords, was not even recognized by Mick Foley himself, who allegedly stated that he had never seen the hat before, and that it was likely a sample that never made it into full production. It may seem a bit steep at $125, but given the recent prices of some vintage hats, this one's intrinsic value is well beyond it's asking price.

"Bad Boy" Joey Janela is one of the latest to get the enamel pin treatment, and the folks at RTF Records pulled it off beautifully. Through collaboration with The Extra Cooler and BleedingxEdges, the team put together a package that's only fitting for Janela. That means it's more than a little over-the-top—he's even wearing a glittery jacket— and we wouldn't accept it any other way.

When The Road Warriors split from WCW for WWF in mid-1990, Vince McMahon abandoned their name and rebranded them as the Legion Of Doom. This is the first piece of official merchandise produced by WWF under Hawk and Animal's new name that same year. This design has been bootlegged countless times over the years, but eBay seller toosweetmerch has got this original printing available. It's got a couple small holes, but the print looks great given its age, and there's still plenty of wear left in this one.

This last selection isn't a recommendation as much as it is a conversation starter. Much like last week's model car, this is another example of merchandise that makes you realize the ludicrous lengths that licensing companies went to in an effort to fully cash-in on the wrestling craze of the late 90s and early 00s. If the logic behind character toothbrushes for children is to convince stubborn youth to allow their parents to brush their teeth by making it fun, were Goldberg and Kevin Nash actually capable of accomplishing those tasks? Or maybe the idea was to intimidate kids into it? Ask eBay seller j-catgamesandcollectibles what they think.