Weekly Merch Roundup: Nakamura Book, Halloween Costume Patterns, And More

A selection of this week's new and used items from around the internet.


Last week, WWE released a Japan-only journal chronicling Shinsuke Nakamura's evolution from New Japan Pro Wrestling mega-star to his current place in WWE. While the book's text is entirely in Japanese, making this a bit of a novelty for English speaking fans, there are plenty of beautifully shot photos, as well as Nak selfies, to make this a worthwhile pick-up. Amazon Japan has an English language option, making this the easiest route to purchase the book, with lightning fast, affordable shipping options.

The folk behind Instagram favorite @PuroresuTravel are back at it already with yet another offering in their now signature line of wrestling/punk mash-up shirts. Hot off the heels of their Hiromu Business tee, the Halloween season Misfits tributes continue, this time based on the 3 Hits From Hell EP featuring a few of your fav Los Ingobernables De Japon members. This shirt is a pre-order only item, so you've only got a short time to grab one at the Puroresu webstore.

For the crafty readers, Etsy seller mbchills has unearthed an incredibly rare find: Officially licensed patterns for making your very own WCW/NWO Halloween costumes. Included in the package is patterns for adult-sized Hollywood Hogan, DDP, Kevin Nash, and Sting costumes, and you've got just enough time to sharpen your sewing skills before All Hallows' Eve. This listing is worth taking a look at for the sketches of the guys alone.

The enamel pin trend is only getting hotter and hotter in wrestling, but it's great to see the medium continuing to be pushed in creative ways. Patti Lapel, co-owned by author/gallerist/podcast-host/rapper Jensen Karp, has partnered with some of the biggest names in (mostly) independent wrestling to produce some of the best looking pins on the wrestling market. The colors and illustration on the Marty Scurll pin are so great that you can almost ignore the creepily long fingers.

More often than not these days, browsing through eBay will make you wipe a tear from your face when you see the asking price for vintage shirts, much like this piece from seller boozeandshoes. Given the age, scarcity, good condition, and awesome design, however, it wouldn't be a surprise to see this piece fetch the $169.99 listing price. Hardcore Heaven 1997 was only ECW's second ever PPV, and saw Shane Douglas beat Sabu and Terry Funk to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.