Off The Rope Makes Wrestling Merch For The 90s Nostalgia Generation

Fetishization of 90s wrestling has reached the streetwear world and we are here for it. 

If Master P had been involved in WWE instead of his brief 1999 WCW run, we may have had shirts just like some of the ones produced by Off The Rope a lot sooner. Luckily for us, thanks in part to the current wave of 90s nostalgia in pop culture, there is a whole new stream of designers with items inspired by the Attitude Era, and Off The Rope has perfected the wrestling/hip-hop crossover of the period. It's an added bonus that they were also able to pull of a killer riff on a piece from Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour featuring the late Chyna and Eddie Guerrero. Their pieces are dropped in limited quantities, as with most cease-and-desist-skirting brands, and often sell out quickly, but you can take a look at some of what you've missed so far below in anticipation of the next one:


Off The Rope can be found on Instagram as well as their own website. They are currently sold out of all designs.

MerchandiseAdam Schwartz